The energy
management platform
for business parks

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Improve energy availability at
your business park by 20% to 40%

ProximaRed’s energy management software platform enables local mini-grids so you can collectively manage energy supply, demand and storage. By thinking small and creating mini-grids we relieve the main power grid, solving the power grid conundrum.

Forecast and schedule power use to avoid congestion

Facilitate automatic billing for all companies involved

File your CO2 reduction reports to prove compliance

Fully manage local energy supply, demand and storage

ProximaRed in practice

Sell your solar panels’ energy to power your neighbour’s production line

The outdated power grid often doesn’t let businesses sell back renewable energy. With ProximaRed’s software platform, you can sell it to your neighbours, enabling them to increase their production capacity (which was also being limited by that same outdated power grid).

ProximaRed in practice

Spread energy use locally

Can’t switch on your machines because grid congestion cuts the power? ProximaRed’s software platform analyses and predicts local energy use patterns and puts your machines to work when your neighbouring businesses aren’t using loads of power.

ProximaRed in practice

Finally use those batteries

The power grid’s current capacity often won’t let you connect those batteries you’ve installed. ProximaRed lets you hook them up to your local mini-grid, so you and your neighbours can use them to store energy or provide it when demand exceeds supply.

If we invest just 1% of the total national spend on grid assets and infrastructure into our software, we believe we can improve grid capacity by 20% to 40%. With ProximaRed, business parks struggling with energy supply become a thing of the past.

Tobias Kuipers

Founder ProximaRed / CEO Utilus

About us

Improving the power grid is costly, inevitably leads to regulatory and logistical challenges and is out of business owners’ control. Our software platform helps business owners instantly improve energy availability at their business park.

Rolf Bonninga

Founder ProximaRed / CCO Utilus

About us

Our founding story

ProximaRed, powered by Utilus

ProximaRed emerged from Utilus, an IT company specializing
in developing essential business software systems.

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How to increase energy availability at business parks

Download our whitepaper to discover how our software solution works for business parks or any other local mini-grid.

Our manifesto

Think small.

Managing local mini-grids minimises the need for energy transmission, relieving the wider power grid. By establishing and connecting mini-grids, we’re working on a powerful part of the solution to the power grid conundrum.

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The energy management
platform for business parks

Improve energy availability at your business park by 20% to 40%

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